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Sun-up RC : Featured interview by Thansettakij


Thansettakij issued on April 1st in 2023 featured Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd, a trailblazing force in Thailand's sustainability landscape, has emerged as a shining example of the country's ambitious Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) model while contributing significantly to achieving Thailand's carbon neutrality targets by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. In an exclusive interview with Thansettakij, Mr.Siamnat Panassorn, the CEO, unveiled its groundbreaking advancements, particularly in waste solvent recycling, and outlined the pivotal role it plays in tackling Thailand's environmental challenges.
Thailand faces an issue of low recycling rates for waste solvents, resulting in rampant illegal disposal practices due to the absence of viable technologies. Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd, however, has risen to the occasion, becoming the sole ASEAN entity capable of recycling solvents with an astonishing purity rate of over 99%. With an impressive solvent recovery rate of 80-95%, the company's fully closed, automated system ensures zero emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a game-changer in sustainable waste management practices.
During the interview, Mr. Siamnat Panassorn, CEO of Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd, emphasized the untapped potential of waste solvent recycling in reducing Thailand's carbon footprint. He stated, "While plastic and PET bottle recycling often come to mind, it is crucial not to overlook the significant impact of recycling waste solvents. Thailand has immense potential to recycle these solvents and make substantial strides in reducing our country's carbon emissions."
By opting for Sun-up Recycling's cutting-edge solvent recycling methods instead of conventional incineration, customers can significantly reduce their CO2 emissions by an impressive more than 70%. Moreover, the company offers recycled solvents to customers at a discounted price, while maintaining the same high quality. This customer-centric approach not only drives sustainability but also contributes to cost savings and fosters a circular economy.
Looking towards the future, Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd foresees emerging opportunities in the recycling of binding solvents used in lithium-ion batteries, an integral component of electric vehicles (EVs) and battery production. The company's expertise in waste management positions it at the forefront of sustainable solutions for this evolving industry, where responsible disposal and recycling will play a pivotal role in minimizing environmental impact.
Furthermore, Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd is currently in talks with the Thailand Greenhouse Gases organization (TGO) to register for the carbon credit trading scheme, known as T-VER. This initiative highlights the company's commitment to promoting sustainable practices and aligning with national and international efforts to combat climate change.

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