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​> Sun-up TH:BusinessBecauseにて取締役の杉山が紹介されました

Sun-up TH:BusinessBecauseにて取締役の杉山が紹介されました

 MBAや企業家を題材にしているウェブ・雑誌媒体「BusinessBecause」に取締役の杉山が紹介されました。記事では、アジアにおける持続可能な環境ビジネスの必要性と、株式会社サンアップがなぜアジアへ市場拡大しようとしたのか、その理由とビジネスプラン、CUHK MBAでの体験談について、質疑応答形式で語っています。

This CUHK MBA Is Pushing The Circular Economy With Asia-Based Recycling Business

Atsushi Sugiyama wants to promote sustainable business practices in Asia


Section: News/ MBA Hong KongDate

published: Apr 17, 2016

What are the future plans for your business?

We’re going to set up a joint venture, providing cutting-edge Japanese technology to recycle wasted organic solvents in Thailand.

Firstly, we’re going to start on-site recycling conducted in our customer’s factories. Then, we plan to invest in an off-site business, with recycling conducted in our own facility. It would be great if we could move off-site within three years, but for that we need intensive capital.

How have you prepared for your entry into Thailand?

We’ve conducted countless feasibility studies, interviews and research and we’ve traveled around Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand so many times to help materialize the idea and make a strategy.


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