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Sun-up TH : Delivered presentation at APEC BCG Economy Thailand 2022: Tech to Biz

Sugiyama, Director of Sun-up Corporation, delivered speech at the event, APEC BCG Economy Thailand 2022: Tech to Biz, which was held by Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) on 10 October 2022. We introduced our subsidiaries, Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd. as well as Rock Engineering Co., Ltd., and explained how both companies are contributing to BCG Model in Thailand.
NSTDA organized this event on the occasion of APEC, that is chaired by Thailand in 2022. Representatives of enterprises which conducts circular business and public research institutions from APEC such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Indonesia joined this event. We’ll adopt various idea, which we could acquire at this event, in order to contribute to further reduction of environmental impact and cost for our customers.

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