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Sun-up RC : Factory tour (Director General of the Department of Industrial Works and Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry)

Sun-up Recycling, a leading solvent recycling company, welcomed Dr. Jullapong Thaveesri, Director General of the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) and Mr.Roya Juntaratana, Inpector General of the Ministry of Industry, to its factory on 26 November 2022. During the visit, Sun-up Recycling's management team had the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Jullapong how the company's sustainable operations can help reduce waste and environmental impact in Thailand.
The visit was also an opportunity for both parties to discuss the standards of waste transportation in the country, particularly by trucks. Sun-up Recycling highlighted its commitment to responsible waste transportation practices that prioritize safety and efficiency. The evidence can be seen as the company has recently received the Q-Mark, the well-known logistics certificate from the Ministry of Transportation. 
Dr.Jullapong and Mr.Roya were impressed with the efficiency and cleanliness of Sun-up Recycling's factory, as well as the company's adoption of Industry 4.0 philosophy in its operations. He commended Sun-up Recycling for being a role model factory in terms of sustainable production practices.
We were honored to host the two honourable government agencies at our factory and discuss how we can work together to promote sustainable production practices and reduce waste in Thailand. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and providing high-quality solvent recycling services to our customers. We are proud to be recognized as a role model factory and will continue to work towards our goal of reducing waste and preserving the environment for future generations.

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