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Message from CEO

Sun-up Corporation has upheld the essentiality of environmental preservation and sustainable development for the planet since its establishment, and we’ve conducted business, trading, consulting and investing in environment and recycling areas for more than 28 years.

Our subsidiary, Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd. successfully started full-operation for its recycling wasted organic solvent plant thanks to unwavering supports from our customers, partners last year even though we faced with difficulties of COVID-19. Moreover, we initiated the new business, which provides total solutions regarding purified water and wasted water. All of stakeholders are required to take prompt actions to comply with SDGs, ESG and carbon neutral, so that we aim to provide various initiatives and solutions to contribute to our stakeholders.

We recognize the current accelerating market changes in Japan and overseas as opportunities, and vow to take prompt action toward customer’s needs. Also, we maximize company value for the environment, society and customers through engaging and expanding our business. Finally, we provide a working environment which enables employees to achieve their goals and dream with high integrity and motivation.


Kazutaka SUZUKI 

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