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Overseas Business

Trading ・ Consulting ・ Investing


We have overseas headquarters, Sun-up Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited and Sun-up Corporation (Thailand) Limited.We trade various recycling equipment, water treatment plant, recycled plastics, scrap metals, etc. among Asian countries. Moreover, we conduct market research in Asian countries in terms of environment and recycling business. Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries.






Recycling Solvent Service


Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd., the joint venture between Japanese and Thai partners, conducts recycling wasted organic solvent business in Thailand. We‘re operating the factory at Gateway City Industrial Esate in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand.We aim to contribute to cost reduction and environmental impact reduction for various types of organic solvents.


Processing Capacity:600㎥/month​

Recyclable Organic Solvents

We‘re able to recycle various types of organic solvents, such as methanol, IPA, thinner, acetone, NMP which are usede for production process, washing process, degreasing process at automotive industy, electric & semiconductor industry, printing & packaging industry, etc.

Measuring & Analytical Instrument

We own various measuring and analytical instruments, and we’ll conduct analysis for every lot of recycled organic solvent before delivery.

  • Gas chromatography (Shimadzu GC-2014)

  • Karl fisher (METTLER TOLEDO V10S Compact Volumetric KF Titrator)

  • Electrical conductivity (METTLER TOLEDO SevenCompact Conductivity S230)

  • Specific gravity (Kyoto Electronics DA-130N)

  • Truck scale

Distillation plant for treating highly-concentrated wasted water 

Rock Engineering Co., Ltd., the joint venture with Japanese partner, is located at Chonburi province in Thailand. We provide comprehensive solutions through designing, manufacturing and conducting maintenance service for products, which can treat various highly-concentrated wasted water such as wasted coolant water, wasted oily water, wasted heavy metal water, wasted pigment water, etc.  We provide our products in Thailand as well as other countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, etc.


Rock Engineering Co., Ltd. : 

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