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Paint Removing

We contribute to the improvement of operation efficiency through providing various paint removing methods.We propose the best method of paint removing based on the material, paint, scale, etc.




We can offer following paint removing methods. We propose the best way based on conditions of material, shape and etc.


Key Features

Chemical Treatment

Clean stained paint with water‐soluble or solvent paint remover. Select the most suitable paint remover based on the condition of material and paint.

・Suitable for heat-sensitive material
・Suitable for precision equipment

Mechanical Treatment

Clean stained paint by removing with spatula, blasting innumerable zinc and high-pressure water with shot blast machine.

・No deterioration
・No smell, no danger

Thermal Treatment

Clean stained paint with 400-450℃ heated quartz sand through utilizing frictional heat.

・No deterioration
・Can completely clean every corner of

・Can clean huge amount of material in

 a short time

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