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Recycling Solvent System

We provide small-mid size recycling solvent system, which shall be installed at the customer’s premise.
We can flexibly design the product due to customer’s requirements. 



Painting Process
Paint Manufacturing Process

Gravure・Flexographic Printing Process

Degreasing・Washing Process


Increase cost due to consuming solvent
Emit CO2 due to incinerating wasted solvent
Limited amount of wasted solvent
Limited space of storage for wasted solvent


Recycling by recycling solvent system
Flexible operation for small amount (1 ton - a few tons/month)

Low running cost


Reduce purchasing cost of virgin solvent

Reduce CO2  emission

-Free Sample Tests-

*Please provide 20L of wasted solvent + 5L of virgin solvent.

*Composition analysis (GC) shall be chargeable.



Recycling Solvent System


●○ 18L can loading model ○●

We can put 18L can which is filled with wasted solvent into evaporator.
Explosion-proof structure, No accident since start of business in 1969.


Cutting-edge design which pursue low running cost and safety

Evaporator is heated indirectly and safely by heat-piping system. We don’t need to replace or add any oil, lubricant for the system, so that the system can be operated semipermanently. We can input 18L can filled with wasted solvent into the evaporator to prevent sludge from sticking in the evaporator. There are not any consumables except for packing seal.

Semiautomation・Interlock System

Distillation is started once after putting 18L can into evaporator and pushing start button, and operation is stopped automatically. Temperature is monitored and controlled by two independent interlock systems, which prevent overheating. As a result, we can secure safety, efficient operation and energy saving.

Flexible design due to customer’s requests

We have wide range of product lineup according to amount of wasted solvent and production process. We can design and manufacture only one model for customer.

Case Study 

●○ Installed more than 2,000 units all over the world ○●

Paint Plant, Printing Plant, Automotive Parts Plant, Electric Parts Plant, etc.


​Case Study1 Precision Manufacturer:MEK (Washing Process) Amount of Wasted Solvent : 1,000L/month


6 months

1,050,000 JPY Cost Merit




Before   After

Recovery Rate 95%



​Case Study 2 Automotive Parts Manufacturer:Kerosene (Degreasing Process) Amount of Wasted Solvent : 1,200L/month


6 months

1,400,000 JPY Cost Merit




Drain waste from degreasing washing machines can also be distilled and recycled.

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