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​>Sun-up TH : Delivered presentation at Startup Thailand 2018

Sun-up TH : Delivered presentation at Startup Thailand 2018

 As the guest speaker, Atsushi SUGIYAMA (director) had the speech at the stage of Startup
Thailand 2018, which is the biggest event regarding startup in South East Asia. In the event, there were many startups which has new technology and business in various fields as IT, communication technology, medical treatment. Atsushi Sugiyama was invited as the guest speaker regarding environmental field.
At last September, we established two local subsidiaries in Thailand, Sun-up Corporation(Thailand) Limited & Sun-up Recycling Co., Ltd. We mainly conduct the recycle waste organic solvent and recycle waste coolant oil. We had many opportunities to provide our technology and services. In the speech at the stage, he introduced the situation of waste treatment in Thailand and our technology for recycle waste. Also, he talked about the mindset for startup what he felt in his experience of starting business.
Through this event, we felt the growing interests regarding environmental business. Because the five corporations had the speech except us, and there were over 200 audiences at the stage. We will provide our technologies and services more rapidly and help for solving environmental issues. 

Startup Thailand 2018

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