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Strengths of Sun-up

Environment and Recycling Professionals

We’ve conducted business in the environmental and recycling areas for more than 20 years. During this time, we have accumulated a great depth of know-how and expertise, which can be used to solve customer’s and society’s problems.


Prompt, Beneficial and Feasible Solutions

We propose the best solutions, which lead to safe waste treatment, reduction of cost and environmental impact, improvement of revenue and operation efficiency, based on customer’s specific needs.


Wide Network with Waste Treatment Experts

We have more than 200 affiliated waste treatment experts, which have cutting-edge technology and know-how. We conduct waste treatment, recycling and consulting and investment business through this wide network, targeting various aspects.


Business Development in Asia


We guide and support customer’s business to expand into Asian countries such as Greater China, Thailand, India, etc. We conduct import, export, investment, research and collaboration with local companies for customers.

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