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Waste Treatment

We propose the best way of waste treatment, which brings cost merit to customers. We organize the entire process of handling and transportation for various industrial wastes. Please feel free to contact with us for further details.



We deal with following types of industrial waste, which are generated from factories and offices around the Kanto area.
・Glass  ・Automotive Components  ・Electric Components  ・Chemicals  ・Semiconductors
・Metal Processing  ・Printing  ・Paper  etc.

Industrial Waste

・Sludge    ・Wood Offcuts  ・Soot
・Waste Oil    ・Metal Scrap   ・Rubble
・Waste Acid

・Animal & Plant Residue Waste  ・Waste Paper
・Waste Alkali  ・Cinder      ・Waste Plastic

・Waste Glass, Concrete & Crockery

Specially-Controlled Industrial Waste

・Inflammable Waste Oil      

・Strong Acid
・Strong Alkali etc.


Flow of Disposal

Sampling & Visiting site

Our waste treatment experts visit your factory or office and collect samples in order to gather the necessary information to dispose of various industrial wastes properly. We recognize that visiting the site and directly communicating with operational staff are crucial in gaining customer insight.



We are committed to proposing the most efficient and beneficial process based on the variety, volume and disposal method of industrial waste through our more than 50 Japanese domestic partners’ alliances.



We handle the complicated documentation process for our customers. These include:
・Subcontractor Agreement of Waste Treatment
・Waste Data Sheet (WDS)
・Analysis of Industrial Waste & Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)



We arrange transportation and disposal for waste treatment following the customer’s request.


Reducing cost and environmental impact through trading, consulting

We take a flexible approach for irregular or spot industrial waste. We deal not only waste treatment but also various problems surrounding production process, for example, introduce recycling machine or promote energy saving. We provide solutions, which refer to the customer’s troubles. We always provide the latest detailed information about the market or the regulations. We aim to be a best partner with the customers on recycling and environment era. 




We propose the most suitable waste treatment for all varieties of industrial waste based on the customer’s request.


Waste Treatment

After Treatment


Incineration ・ Combustion

dissolution and solidification

Reuse as basecourse material
Recycle as raw material of cement
Sell as fertilizer


dissolution and solidification

Reuse as recycled sand ・ soil
Sell as soil conditioner

Recycle as raw material of cement

Waste Oil

Distillation Recycle
Oil Separating

Sell as recycle oil ・ fuel oil
Reuse as fuel

Waste Acid
Waste Alkali


Reuse neutralized sludge

Waste Plastic

Volume Reduction
Refuse Derived Fuel


Reuse Refuse Derived Fuel as fuel
Sell as recycling material

Waste Paper

Refuse Derived Fuel

Reuse incinerated ash
Reuse Refuse Derived Fuel as fuel

Wood Offcuts


Sell wood chip as material for recycling

Animal & Plant Residue Waste


Sell as fertilizer
Reuse incinerated ash

Metal Scrap

Cutting ・ Compression

Sell metal scrap as material for recycling

Waste Glass, Concrete & Crockery

Cutting ・ Crushing

Sell as recycling material
Sell as glass & block material


Drying ・ Incineration

Recycle as raw material of cement
Reuse as basecourse material


Case Stydy

We also provide reducing waste volume know-how and environmental recycling machine.

We are committed to proposing the most beneficial solution based on the grasp the total waste situation like feature, volume, and generating waste procedure.

Actual Examples >>

  • Installed solvent recycler and recycled wasted organic solvent, which was used for washing paint and removing oil. → Purchasing virgin solvent cost and waste treatment fee was reduced JPY4.4 Mil. per year.

  • Installed distillation system to reduce amount of wasted water → Waste treatment fee was reduced JPY 5.5 Mil. per year.

  • Installed plastic pressing machine reduce volume of wasted plastics → Disposal cost was decreased half compared with previous year because loading capacity was improved.

  • Changed from fluorescent lamps to LED, and installed cyclic control for compressor of air-conditioner for energy-saving → The amount of electricity consumption was reduced 30% compared with previous year.

  • Separated wastes more strictly and some of them were sold as valuables → Waste treatment fee was reduced JPY1.2 Mil. per year.



The following industrial wastes are most likely to be considered as valuables.
We ask that you consult with us regarding theses materials as previously thought non-valuable industrial wastes can often be treated as valuables due to technological progress and current market prices.

  • Metal Scrap, Blasted Powder

  • Waste Drum  

  • Waste Oil

  • Waste Solvent  

  • Waste Plastics

  • Animal & Plant Residue Waste etc.


Cleaning Water Treatment Facility ・ Paint Booth

We arrange the entire processes for cleaning waste treatment facilities and paint booths. Periodical maintenance retains the performance of a facility and prolong the lifetime of that facility. Cleaning is conducted by professionals, in order to assure that it is carried out safely and efficiently.
We typically arrange to clean following facilities:

  • Water Treatment Facility

  • Paint Booth

  • Gauge Booth

  • Planting Line

  • Gutter            etc.

All of the sludge that is sucked out will be recycled.
Organic sludge → Dewatering treatment → Fertilization
Inorganic sludge → Incineration volume reduction → Incineration ash is solidified into concrete and recycled

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