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Water Treatment

Ultrapure water system:UPWV-01

This system produces ultrapure water used in cleaning processes for all kinds of precision parts.

40-70% of used water can be recycled with the optional recycling unit, which shall contributes to SDGs.

Furthermore, the  cost of ion exchange resin replacement can be significantly reduced by installing an electrodeionization (EDI) unit.



Cleaning parts at semiconductor manufacturing

Coolant treatment system:WCTV-01

This system efficiently treats wasted oily coolant which is generated from aluminum die-casting processes through treating with evaporation system and membrane system. The evaporation system reduces oil, COD and SS, and the membrane system purifies the water quality which shall pass regulation for discharge.

”Zero Liquid Discharge” can be realized through reusing recycled water in the process.



Automobile parts processing

Metal processing

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